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Меган Рамос о лечении диабета голодом.
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Помпа про выход из голодания. Предлагает пару дней FMD, 20 грамм белка, не больше, ограниченный калораж.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lSFvJsl ... c&index=38
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Про мерколовский Кетофаст и нарушает ли голод коллаген и глицин. По мотивам подкасты.
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Сообщение OrbRider » 13 май 2019, 19:15

Меган Рамос о выходе из длительного голода, пусть тут будет.
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you do want to be a little bit cautious when you're doing longer fast how you end
things because your digestive system essentially he's been sleeping it takes
a lot of energy money to produce digestive enzymes it's after a couple of
days your body's not gonna waste money I mean it's like paying for a delivery
service that never comes that you never need like why are you wasting money on
something you don't need so so your buddy sucks so then when you eat food
your body's like holy cow there's nothing to digest this and it can go
through you super fast and that can be very unpleasant and extremely urgent
yes so it's good to be mindful so we try to stick to foods that are high in fiber
that are so that's not gonna be digested quickly and try to stick the foods that
are digested really easy and that means that the body is able to produce enzymes
really quickly so a good rule of thumb is fiber so taking a glass of water
adding a tablespoon or two of psyllium husk just let the psyllium husk sit in
the water for five or ten minutes drink it that way provided a fireplace in your
belly and you're gonna get things up and going and then I add any crazy long
facts that I do so anything seven days are longer and I always break it with a
tomato cucumber salad with parsley parsley is amazing for both hangups
tools to prevent diarrhea so even if things move through you quickly it's not
gonna be messy sorry for the graphics here guys oh yeah but tomatoes and
cucumbers they are digested very easily and they get the system up and going and
you can add a little bit of olive oil to that to you after that
I would have some this is the only time you'll hear me say this have some lean
protein that usually I'm I'm for the girl that slow there's the butter on her
fatty piece of steak it enjoys every second of it go light on your fat for
the first meal so have some have some lean protein this is like the only time
you'll ever see me eating boneless skinless chicken breast but I will
drizzle a little olive oil on it or a little butter just to add a little bit
of flavor but I just I don't eat you know a chicken leg cooked in fat or a
bunch of chicken wings dousing butter stay a little bit on the leaner side of
things actually I think fish is a really great way to end the fast - and a lot of
veggies and you can cook your veggies lightly in fact so this is the only time
you want to go light on fat you want to sort of try to use other fats other than
MCT oil or coconut oil they can move through you very quickly so just for
your first meal otherwise go crazy I love MCT well I love coconut oil and use
it every day that I eat so so don't think I don't love them just for your
first meal go try to avoid those fats avocado oil olive oil macadamia nut oil
butter ghee great fats to use for cooking your veggies post-post sauce
stay away from nuts absolutely time I've broken a fast and had issues with
repeating was when I ain't almonds and I know guys if you read the complete guide
to fasting this is a major typo when we said eat nuts and need eggs it meant to
say don't eat nuts and don't eat eggs eggs and nuts wreak havoc on the
digestive system they're so tough to digest when your digestive systems up
and going avoid eggs and avoid nuts for the first 24 hours after you end a long
fast and when you are ending a long fast just do one meal a day just one meal that day
so even if you're if you're ending a 10 day fast in the morning just have that
one meal for the day give your body a chance to get things out
and running again most of my patients and I honestly don't struggle ending a
long fast but the ones that do tend to try to eat multiple meals and that's bad
news so the bottom line is avoid nuts avoid eggs and avoid eating more than
one meal that day and just try to go a little bit lower on the fat for the
first meal ok perfect
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Надо К пить, похоже ))
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Сообщение OrbRider » 19 май 2019, 07:21

А вот прям набор добавок с дозировками, в камментах в письменном виде

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