Leanne Vogel. The Keto Diet.

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Leanne Vogel. The Keto Diet.


Сообщение kvas » 10 авг 2017, 00:50

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Leanne Vogel. The Keto Diet.


Сообщение Д.С. » 10 авг 2017, 03:57

If you have a specific food allergy or sensitivity, this book is well suited for you. Out of all the recipes, 84% are egg-free, 83% are coconut-free, 90% are nightshade-free, 67% are low-FODMAP, 91% are nut-free, and 42% are vegan. So, Leanne has each unique diet restriction covered!

About half the book is informational with the other half being recipes. The Keto Diet book is perfect for those who are struggling with low carb or need help getting started. Leanne provides everything you need to know in this four pound resource.

In fact, I wish this book was available seventeen years ago when I first got started on a low carb diet. It would have saved me many years of trial and error. Leanne makes following a high fat eating plan plan easy.

For those who are having a hard time, one whole chapter of the book is devoted to troubleshooting. Common symptoms are listed along with actions to take to resolve these issues.

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