Sous Vide для кето и не только

Делимся секретами приготовления вкусных блюд
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Sous Vide для кето и не только


Непрочитанное сообщение kvas » 04 апр 2017, 01:55

Sous Vide позволяет легко и просто готовить ресторанного уровня блюда. За счет низкой температуры готовки и отсутвия кислорода минимизируются потери витаминов, окисление жиров, формирование канцерогенов и тп.
Стейки, рыба, курица гарантированно получаются так как вы их хотите сделать. Я никогда не ел таких нежных куриных желудочков как после 48ч сувида. Хочу попробовать сделать сердечки.

Мясо приготоввленное в выходные освобождает от готовки в течении рабочей недели, что в целом очень экономит время.
Health Benefits!
Sous vide retains more nutrients and vitamins than other methods of cooking
Exposure to heat, water, and oxygen are the things that typically destabilize all of those wonderful nutrients when we’re cooking, whether by charring meat to over-carbonization or leaching vitamins into water while boiling. Because your food is encapsulated in a neat little package, all of those goodies are sealed in.

Sous vide makes it easier to digest most foods
Many vegetables require at least light cooking to make their nutrients most bioavailable, or easy for our body to access through digestion. Cooking animal proteins, and in particular land-based ones (though fish contain collagen, as well), breaks down collagen into gelatin, which is easier for our body to absorb.

Sous vide encourages a more youthful appearance, happier gut, and strong joints
The aforementioned collagen plays a huge role in good health. It nourishes not only all of our connective tissue (ligaments, tendons, fascia), but is what gives us glowing skin, hair, and nails. Additionally, it’s proven to help normalize gut hormones and reverse intestinal permeability. Too little collagen can lead to afflictions like osteoporosis and wrinkly skin.

Proper sous vide techniques increase at-home food safety

This is an important topic to many of our customers. As long as you meet minimum cook times and cook above 131ºF/55ºC for red meat and 140ºF/60ºC for poultry, you are effectively *pasteurizing* your meat and killing off any potentially harmful bacteria.

You can *sterilize* the surface of your food with a 30 second dip in boiling water or a quick pre-sear to further ensure food safety!

The final sear doesn’t just bring your food that beautiful color and texture. It also deals with any bacteria that may have developed during cooking.

Sous vide makes it easy to prepare larger quantities of healthy meals in advance
Recently, I wrote a post about batch cooking. I will reference this article for a myriad of reasons going forward. Here, I want to reiterate the health benefits again. Having healthy options readily available in bulk is a surefire way to encourage healthier food choices.

I’m sure you can see there are a multitude of health benefits to cooking with Anova! And that is just what we want you to be: your healthiest, best selves.

Cook like a pro. Eat like a king. Feel better than you ever have before.


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